#29.Love & Sex

Love & Sex(愛と性)joke。思わずニタリとするような下ネタ話です。


29-81 Arsenic
woman goes into a local pharmacy and tells the druggist that she wants to purchase some arsenic.
"Mrs. Jones, that is a controlled substance. Can I ask you what you want it for?"
"Certainly," replies the woman.
"I'm going to use the poison to kill my husband."
The druggist is taken aback.
He exclaims, "Mrs. Jones, I can't sell you arsenic for that reason!"
Without a word, the woman reaches into her purse and pulls out a picture and shows it to the pharmacist.
It is a photo of a man and woman having sex.
However, it is not just any man and woman.
It is the woman's husband and the druggist wife.
The pharmacist looks at the picture for a few seconds and then looks up at the woman.
He says to her, "Oh, I'm sorry, Ma'am. I didn't know you had a prescription!"